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Sustainable & Eco-friendly Initiatives at Likewoah Handmade

 Sustainable & Eco-friendly Initiatives at Likewoah Handmade 

I wanted to give some insight on how I have set up Likewoah Handmade with the earth in mind. If you have been following along for a while I am sure you are aware of many of these things, but if you are new around here I hope this gives you a better insight into what sustainable and eco-friendly practices are happening when you purchase something from Likewoah. 

First, let me break down what I mean when I say sustainable and eco-friendly. What is sustainability in the context of my handmade business? At its most basic, the word “sustainable” means that something can be maintained at its current rate or level. It can be applied to business — can a company keep going while earning the same amount of money? It can be applied to the way you’re living your life. You’ve probably been admonished at least once by a well-meaning friend about your packed schedule, poor sleeping habits, or workload. “You just can’t keep going like this. It’s not sustainable.” The same could be said for how we’re treating the planet, and how we make our fashion. We can’t keep going like this. It’s not sustainable. 

When I use the word sustainable, I am talking about the life of my products. I want you to purchase an item from me and have it for years to come, not something you need to replace in a few months, a few years, something that should last forever. The materials I am purchasing take this into account and are not only made from sustainable products but made in sustainable ways and should last for a lifetime. 

What we currently call “sustainable fashion” is actually fashion that is trying to improve on the status quo. It’s fashion that is created by people who care deeply and who want to help create a better future for the planet and the humans and animals that inhabit it. It’s fashion that is taking the leap to try out new innovations, or alternatively getting back to our roots of natural fibers and dyes and repairing our clothing. It’s fashion that is made by artisans and workers in a safe and clean factory who are being paid fairly. 

What does eco-friendly mean in the context of Likewoah Handmade? Eco-friendly fashion is the movement within the clothing and textile industry that strives to lower the environmental impact of apparel consumption and production, just like green, slow, and sustainable fashion. It promotes a more ecological approach to fashion and home goods. 

Eco-friendly for Likewoah Handmade means purchasing materials from partners that are striving to only offer eco-friendly and sustainable materials, reusing as much as possible, repurposing, and wasting nothing as a business. Eco-friendly is Likewoahs commitment and motivation toward offering a collection of clothing, accessories, home goods, that benefit as many beings as possible while treading on the earth as lightly as possible.

There are many ways to interpret eco-friendly and sustainable as words, but my main goal is to run a business that sells products that last a lifetime, are made from sustainable materials, are made in sustainable ways, and impact as many lives as possible along the way. I waste as little as possible with Likewoah and continue to evolve and grow not only as a business but as a person with the impact I want my business to have. 

Materials: I can’t even begin to explain how much time and effort I have put into the sourcing of the materials I use. It is easy to do a quick search on Amazon and find something like wooden rings that I use for my plant hangers. I instead took months to build a relationship with a family-run US-based business that sources wood in an environmentally friendly way. I 100% pay more for this product because of this, but this is how I choose to run my business. I can confidently say that I have put as much thought and effort into sourcing this way all the materials I use. 

Shipping:  Shipping is tricky as there is such a large carbon footprint when I ship packages. I do my best to use the proper size packaging for materials, with all re-used shipping materials or ones I have purchased from an amazing company called Ecoenclose. The labels and tape I use to package my orders are biodegradable which is often a huge plastic suck and waste for businesses.  

Zerowaste: I do my best to waste as little as possible with every aspect of my business and find unique and interesting ways to do so. The launch of my resin items has been a way to utilize leftover macrame cord that can’t be turned into earrings or keychains. I am in the process of learning to spin my own yarn in an effort to utilize even more of my macrame cord and yarn scraps. I will continue to innovate with my business, but just know I am doing everything in my power to waste as little as possible. 

I am human and surely am not perfect, but I am doing my best to be as thoughtful about the way I run my business, the materials I use, the waste I put into the world, all of it as possible. I urge you to do the same whether it is in just your daily life, small business, or taking into account where you spend your hard-earned money. 

Likewoah Handmade is a 1% For the Planet member and 1% of all revenue is donated to climate change efforts. 



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