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The Conscious Home Guide

When we sold our home in Denver and made the move to Portland I decided to make a huge effort to only put things in my home from companies that align with my values and are sustainable. I’m sick and tired of supporting companies that don’t support my values, don’t treat their employees right, and don't care about the world. 

I avoid Amazon at all costs, but with Covid it has been a bit tricker. I am fortunate to live in a large city, but not everyone does. I recommend if you find something on Amazon looking up that brand and purchasing directly from their website. It may take a bit longer to arrive to you, but you are giving that company way more money directly, and not supporting Amazon. 

I spent essentially a month doing research to find companies that are small businesses, women owned, minority owned, sustainable, or if larger, align with my values and all avoid plastic. It was A LOT of work, but here is what I have come up with. I hope this list helps you, and please share with your friends so we can continue to support those that deserve our hard earned money and make our world a better place to live in. 

Cleaning Supplies: I refuse to use any plastic in my home anymore, and finding sustainable cleaning supplies that aren’t in plastic was an adventure to say the least. 

  • Blueland- All plastic free cleaning sprays, dishwasher detergent, dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, you name it! 
  • Humble Suds- I love their cleaning spray, hand sanitizer, and cleaning paste.
  • No Tox Life- Dish soap bars, as well as so many other sustainable home goods such as shampoo and conditioner bars, great place for biodegradable sponges, dish washing brushes, etc. 

Furniture: This was a hard one. I did my best to buy as much second hand locally, but I’m also very particular about the design of my home. I found some amazing gems off Facebook Marketplace as well as local vintage stores. I would rather spend more money upfront for items I will have forever that are made with sustainable materials, but I am aware this is not an option for everyone. 

  • Article- I have been a big fan of article furniture since they started, my only issue is the plastic and styrofoam that the furniture shows up in. I reuse the plastic as trash bags, and found a few local companies that for a small fee will recycle the styrofoam. Check your area to see what options you have.  
  • Rove Concepts- Definitely on the pricier side, but I found a few amazing pieces from here made out of some gorgeous wood. 
  • Floyd- Detroit based company with minimalist design but gorgeous pieces.  
  • Loomy- Beautiful sustainable rugs.
  • Lorena Canals- Washable sustainable rugs! I bought three for my home.
  • The Citizenry- I have been eyeing a few things from here for years, finally purchased some gorgeous pillows and chairs from here.

Bath, Skin, Haircare & Dental:

  • Georganics- We made the switch to all plastic free toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss. I have loved everything we have purchased from here. 
  • Who Give A Crap- My favorite toilet paper company, all recycled and bamboo based, plastic free, and lasts way longer then any other toilet paper I have used. They give back by helping build toilets in areas where they are without, and also have paper towels and tissues. 
  • Ethique- Shampoo & Conditioner bars that actually work, all plastic free.
  • Mountain Time Soap- Some of my favorite soaps, zero waste, and 1% for the planet company. 
  • Wild Lather Soap- So in love with this cold processed soap. I usually purchase the ends so I can get a variety of different soaps. 
  • Vital You- I love baths, and love these CBD Bath Bombs. 
  • Juniperseed Mercantile- All plastic free bath, skincare, and even some cleaning supplies. 

Bedding & Bath: 

  • Purple- I LOVE our Purple Mattress, have had it for about five years now and couldn’t be happier with the purchase. 
  • Parachute- All of my pillows, comforters, and some sets of sheets are from here. It is pricey up front, but I find it totally worth it. 
  • Brooklinen- I have been a fan since they launched, I backed their Kickstarter years ago, and love their sheets, as well as have some bath mats from them now. 
  • Territory Designs- Majority of the decorative pillows in my home are from here. 
  • Quiet Town- The most beautiful shower curtains made out of canvas. They also have gorgeous bath mats. 

Trash & Recycling: 

  • Terracycle- I can’t even begin to explain how amazing of a resource Terracycle is. A lot of items you can’t normally recycle they work with companies to recycle either for free or they have some larger boxes you pay for. I ordered one of the zero waste boxes which I can put items like coffee bags, bottle caps, plastic my local recycling won’t take, the list goes on. 

Home Goods: I’m a sucker for beautiful candles, fabric napkins, accent items, art, etc. These are just a few companies I love to support. As a friendly reminder all my fiber art pieces are handmade with fully sustainable materials. 


  • Earth Hero- It’s like the bed bath and beyond of sustainable brands. Such a great resource for so many things needed for your home! I purchased things such as toilet brushes and plungers from here that are all plastic free! 
  • Food52- Great resource for home and kitchen goods. Found my countertop composting bin on here, as well as a few other gems. 

* This list is ever evolving and I will continue to add to it as I continue to find companies to support. I am in no way paid by any of these companies, I just want to share resources to help others who value the same things as I do.

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  • Merce Mitchell on September 14, 2020

    Hey, thank you for this! I will pass it on to my daughter who is into zero waste, and my friends who are really trying to eliminate plastic too. It helps! living in Taos, very few resources, and we mostly resale shop for all. But every now and then you need something new! Always good to hear about what you are up to. Merce

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