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Likewoah Handmade

Faux Fur Pom Pom

These pom poms are the perfect finishing touch for any accessory, use it for embellishing knit and crochet accessories with a touch of luxurious faux fur! Beautiful as a single pom, or create a unique style with double pigtail poms.

-Prices shown are for one single pom-pom

-Color options, white, tan, black

-Poms-poms are available in one size. Poms-poms are measured from fur tip to fur tip and are approximately 4", perfect for any beanie!

Each pom-pom comes with a thick cotton string to securely attach to your knitted or crocheted creations! Use your imagination and think of the endless possibilities.

NOTE: If you must wash the pom pom for any reason please spot wash only with cold water and let air dry. Give them a little shake to re-fluff. If you find any kinks or the fur gets flat take a blow dryer on hot and high to them to straighten out the pile.

Faux Fur Pom Pom