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Likewoah Handmade

Catch-All Trays


These handmade catch-all trays are truly one of a kind. Each tray is handmade with an epoxy resin mixture and filled with macrame cord scraps leftover from other pieces of work I have made. In an effort to waste as little as possible with my business I am really excited about this new product! 

The tray is a great decorative addition to any room. It works as a catchall for any household object like jewelry, perfume, keys, soap bottles, or even as a place to hold a small potted plant or hold your cup. I currently use mine for my dish soap and hand soap by my kitchen sink. 

Due to the raw nature of resin, small anomalies may occur in each piece, like tiny air bubbles, slight unevenness, or depth of color. Due to the nature of the yarn scraps, the bottoms of the trays are not fully smooth, but I find it just makes them even more unique and original. 


1- ice dye purple

2- silver, grey, green

3-burgundy, oat 

Shipped with all recyclable materials, OR post-consumer materials (reused packaging). 

Catch-All Trays