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Likewoah Handmade

Avocado Natural Dye Baby Onesies Short Sleeve


These small-batch, dyed by hand, cotton baby onesies are truly one of a kind. They have a beautiful earthy, organic look and feel to them. These have been dyed using a variety of food scrap/waste. 

A NOTE ABOUT NATURAL DYE: These beautiful earth tone colors (derived from methodically selected plants, flowers, botanicals, and kitchen waste such as avocado skins and pits, walnut shells, carrot tops, onion skins, herbs, etc.) are hard to achieve using synthetic dyes. It is sure to make every parent feel better knowing what's next to the baby's delicate skin.

I take every step of the natural dying process very seriously. It is a meticulous and very time-involved process. It can take up to 24 - 36 + hours and I only produce a handful of items at a time. Even when trying to re-create a specific look or color, each piece comes out differently every single time. The slight variations in shading and color are not defects, but instead is the desired outcome of this process and only adds to its beauty.

To best care for and prolong the life of your new item, I highly recommend using a pH-neutral detergent and hanging it to dry. 

*As is the nature of the natural dye, light fading, darkening, or changing of color may occur*

Avocado Natural Dye Baby Onesies Short Sleeve