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Likewoah Handmade

Macrame With Me Mentor Session

Macrame With Me Mentor Session:

Do you have questions you just wish you could ask another macrame artist? Do you ever run into problems with your work and can't figure out how to solve it? Do you ever wish you could ask someone about how to make your macrame a business? I have been asked so many times for help, that I thrilled to be offering one on one mentor sessions!

Your session will be tailed to specifically you and what you are looking for help with. Examples of some ideas are
-where do I purchase supplies
-what are all the different sizes and kinds of macrame cord, what do you use for specific kinds of projects
-step by step walk through of basic macrame knots
-help with a macrame knot you are having issues with
-help with a piece you are working on
-how do I price my work
-should I open an Etsy shop
-how do I turn my macrame hobby into a business

These are just some ideas!

Pricing: 30 minutes- $40
60 minutes- $70

Simply place your order and in the comments section let me know some topics and ideas of what you are looking to work on in the session. Include a few dates and times that work best for you and I will reach out to get it scheduled! Please allow 24-48 hours to hear from me. I try to respond to everything as quickly as possible, but as a one women owned business sometimes it just takes a little longer.

The session will be held on Google Hangouts and done in English. Unfortunately I am not fluent enough in any other language at this time to offer anything else.

*A little about name is Sam and I own and Likewoah Handmade. I am a one women owned fiber art business with a heavy focus in macrame. I started as a side hustle and now run my business full-time bringing in a six figures in revenue each year. I love teaching and offering my knowledge to others and I can't wait to work with you!

**My business and brand are built on giving back, and 5% of all my sales are donated to Planned Parenthood. If you do not support this I am probably not your person to work with.

Macrame With Me Mentor Session